Recently I have been trialling online lessons with one of my students.

At first I was unsure whether it would be as effective as face to face lessons but now that we have a system in place, I am definitely a fan.

How does it work?

  1. I sent the student an email with a link to join the meeting and what is needed for that lesson
  2. Student follows the link (I use GoToMeeting and the student doesn’t need an account) and we communicate through our computer microphones/headphones and webcam.
  3. Student complete work by hand during lesson and homework is done on a Word document etc. and emailed to me.
  4. I mark the document which is emailed back to the student, who prints and sticks in exercise book.


  • You don’t have to organise dropping your child off to me – the lesson happens at home
  • Cheaper lesson fees
  • I can share my screen with the student so can run through lesson material easily

Give it a go for FREE

If you are still sceptical, I don’t blame you.  I was to – until I had tried it.

That is why I am offering a free 30 minute online lesson.

Get in touch now on or 07904838156 to book your free 30 minute slot.