With exam time slowly approaching, the GCSE Fast Track offer is ideal for students who will benefit from intensive focus on a specific area of study or module.  It is also a great support for students who may have left their revision to the last-minute 🙂

What s GCSE Fast Track?

The GCSE Fast Track is a set of 6 lessons.  They are intensive and can be spaced out or as frequent as you choose.  The lessons work exactly like normal lessons – they are structured, learning material is provided and homework is set.  The only difference is that they will all focus on a specific area of study.  Click here to see some examples.

How much does it cost?

The entire set of 6 lessons costs £210.

This works out to a discounted rate of £35 per hour.

I’m not sure – can I find out more information?

Of course you can.  Just get in touch on contact@smtuition.co.uk or call/text me on 07904838156 to have an informal and no obligation chat.

If I choose to go for this, how do I book?

After we have discussed all the requirements and you are ready to book, all you have to do is pay a 50% deposit to secure all 6 lessons.  The remainder is payable per lesson.

  1. £105 is paid before lessons commence to secure them.
  2. £17.50 is paid at the end of each lesson so that the remaining balance of £105 is completely paid by the end of the block of 6 lessons.

What if we change our minds after paying the deposit?

Unfortunately your deposit will not be refunded unless there are extreme circumstances – this will be decided at my sole discretion and I cannot make any guarantees.

This is because once I have scheduled and committed myself to  your 6 lessons, I will turn down any other student who may clash with our arrangements.  This is therefore important to ensure that you have assurance that I will honour my commitment to you, and vice versa.

Get in touch to have an informal chat about how I can help.

Tel. 07904838156  Email  contact@smtuition.co.uk