About to enter Year 10 and want some tips?  Here is what some Year 11’s said…

From The Student Room:

“Start your revision for your final exams a few months early. That way, you won’t be panicking the nig ht before your exam. Good luck everyone! 

We all make that promise to ourselves every time right?  It is easy to think “I have plenty of time” but in truth, if you can start early, you won’t be so stressed out closer to exam time.

“If you take modules earlier than the Y11 June ones, PLEASE revise for them and do well. It’s so easy to think “yeah I can just resit”, but you’ll have loads of other modules to do in June, and it isn’t half a weight off your mind to already know that you have grades under your belt.”

This is so true!  If you do well first time around, you will have less exams to worry about at the end of Year 11 – sounds good doesn’t it?

“Start revising early, it seems obvious but most don’t.
Hand in your coursework on time 
Start searching for sixth forms/colleges
If you want a job for next summer, you should volunteer”

This is one of my favourite pieces of advice.  Yes, your GCSE exam results are important but there are other things you can do to prepare for your next steps as well.

Please don’t be scared about starting your GCSE’s!  The trick is to work hard and consistently from day 1 and keep that momentum going.  You will have moments when you don’t feel motivated but just let the thought of having a stress-free year 11 help you pick yourself up.

As a tutor, I always work alongside the school’s curriculum and exam board to ensure that students receive the support that will not only help them during the final exams, but also on a day to day basis at school.  Take a look at some of the FREE resources that are on this blog – I will keep updating it so keep your eyes peeled.  If you have any specific questions please get in touch and I will do my best to help.

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