Name: Chris
Subjects:  English Literature & Language (AQA)
Tuition:  2 lessons per week for 3 months
Mock Exam Result: Grade 2
Achieved: Grade 5
3 grade increase in 3 months.  Read below about how he achieved this.

Feedback from Chris’s mother Sarah:  “With 2 sessions a week with Sumantha I have seen his confidence and motivation to work at his English dramatically increase.  He is enthusiastic about his sessions with Sumantha and she is helping him see that he can do it.”

Name: Ameila
Subjects:  ICT
Tuition:  3 lessons per week for 2 weeks
Predicted by school: Grade B
Achieved: Grade A
1 grade increase in 2 weeks.

Feedback from Ameila’s mother Jayne:  “Sumantha is extremely professional and very helpful.  My daughter is finding the lessons very beneficial and I would recommend her highly.”

How did they do it?  

Example – Chris

Chris worked extremely hard during and outside of lessons.  He always aimed to push himself and wasn’t afraid of making mistakes – instead he learnt from them.  With revision pressure from his other subjects, Chris naturally sometimes dipped in motivation  but he quickly picked himself up because he remained determined.

Well done!

From the first couple of lessons, I was able to identify Chris’s strengths and weaknesses and used this to guide future lessons.  As he went from strength to strength, I continually adapted the teaching material and skills that we focused on.

Examples of work:

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