Here are some last minute things to remember for Paper 1:  Explorations in creative reading and writing (6th June 2017).

#Top Tip: take 2 – 5 mins to plan all of your answers.  This will save you heaps of time when writing your answer in full.

Section A  Aim to spend 1 hour on this section

You will be given a source based on which you will be asked 4 questions.

Question 1:  underline the key part of this question.

Highlight/underline the 4 things that the question asks you to extract from the source before writing them down.

Question 2: underline the key part of this question.

Here you will be given the extract from the source that the question is based on.  Use this for your planning to ensure that you do not talk about other parts of the source.

  • use your knowledge of language and literature techniques e.g. alliteration
  • always state the effect of the technique or language element you have chosen to write about
  • remember to mention whether the sentences are simple, complex etc. and their effect
  • refer to ‘the writer’
  • choose 4 points to write about and explain each one (1 paragraph per point)

Question 3: underline the key part of this question.

  • when planning, a useful strategy is to summarise the source using 8 sentences (in order)
  • now that you have your basic structure summarised, talk about each section and what effect it has e.g. builds tension
  • don’t forget to focus on how the source begins, work your way through it, and talk about how it ends

Question 4: underline the key part of this question focusing on the quote provided.

This is worth 20 marks which means you need to write a full essay.

  • ‘to what extent do you agree’ means that you need to say whether you agree or disagree, justify it, and mention the other side of the argument
  • when planning draw a table with 2 columns/do 2 mind maps – one for reasons you agree, and one for reasons you  disagree.  This will help you visually understand which perspective you will write about
  • don’t forget to structure your essay – introduction, middle, conclusion
  • in the middle, each paragraph should follow point, evidence and explanation
  • collect quotes from the text to support your points

Section B  Aim to spend 45 minutes on this section.

Divide the picture into 4 quarters and make a list of words that spring to mind for what you can see per quarter.

  • imagine there is a moving camera on the picture – what is happening in it, and what is happening outside of it?
  • when planning, note ideas of what you can see, hear, smell, touch and feel
  • include literary techniques in your writing