With  the SATs looming there are ever-increasing stories of young children suffering from stress.  Here are some ideas for you to get involved in your child’s revision in a way that makes it fun.

1.  Get practical!

There are lots of ways to practice English and Maths skills without putting pen to paper or making it an intense study session.  Here are some ideas:

  • Give your child some money to buy a treat at the shops – on the condition that they tell you beforehand how much change they should expect to receive.
  • When watching a TV program with your child, ask them questions about what they have watched.  To encourage higher order thinking, you could ask them harder questions like when that character said…what do you think he/she felt?
  • Make the most of the nice weather get involved in joint activities like gardening.  This way, your child can lead the way with reading instructions, applying instructions, measuring sections of the garden for planting etc.
  • Have a race!  You can have a fun timed competition and use the timings to create maths word problems.

2.  Kahoot!

Using this free website and a mobile phone, you can get the whole family involved by creating a quiz.  The website makes revision fun by letting you choose any player nickname you want, and displaying an up to date leaderboard where scores are measured based on how quickly players select the correct answer.

3.  Online Games


Here are some free and online games that makes revision quick and enjoyable.

Hit The Button

Mental Maths

Alien Addition

Vocabulary (a range of games available)

IXL (range of Maths and English games)

4.  Get colourful!

Colour is a great way to inject some fun into learning – believe it or not, students of all ages love it!  Some ideas are using post-it notes for revision (you could create an activity where you stick answers on the wall), highlighters (gives students a chance to take away from writing all the time without losing valuable revision time), coloured pens etc.

5.  Use rewards

Rewards are a great way to increase and maintain motivation, as well as helping to build confidence.  They can come in many forms e.g. stickers, treats, chocolate etc.