Many subjects involve essay writing – not just English which is why I wanted to share a great formula for ensuring that your essay’s are strong every time.

You will have heard of things like PEE (Point, Evidence, Explaination) and many more variations but the best one to remember is:


* * This is your formula per paragraph **

Point – make your point concisely.  Top tip: try and use language that links your point directly to the question.

Evidence – you need to support your point using a quote from the text that you are writing about. Top tip: when using quotes, it is always great when you are able to embed your quote within a sentence so that it flows.

Explanation – now that you have made your point and supplied evidence to support it, you need to explain how this evidence supports your point.  Top Tip: try and use language from the essay question to ensure that you are not tempted to stray from your focus.

Zoom in on language & technique – to really get those top marks you need to ensure that you discuss how the language used (perhaps you want to zoom in on a particular word or phrase) further supports and explains your point.  You also need to look at the literary techniques that the writer uses and explain what impact it has.  Top Tip: remember that the examination/controlled assessment is your opportunity to show off your skills and knowledge!

Link to another part of the text.  This is a great way of accessing those higher marks and to show the assessor how well you know and understand the text. You may also/instead wish to link to the writer’s message, the reader’s response etc. Top Tip: some exam questions ask you to only focus on a specific part of text in which case you may link to other parts if you absolutely need to, but try and avoid it.

Social context – this relates to drawing the social, economic and/or author’s life or experiences that may be important to support your point.  Top Tip:  memorise 4 or 5 broad facts about the author and socio-economic context of the text that are general enough for you to link to many points.