MIND MAPS are a great way to summarise entire topics in a visual way and therefore, a way that is easier to remember than chunks of writing.  But all too often mind maps are constructed incorrectly which defeats their purpose.

This is useless!  There is too much writing!


This however, uses memorable visuals to trigger the memory – you could use it to learn about Marie Curie in 5 minutes!  Try it for yourself…


Another great way is to use a method often referred to as LINKING.  This is where you choose the key words that summarise your topic, use them to create a story – the siller the better (it is more memorable) and then use the story to trigger your memory when you need to recall the information.

Here is a basic example so you can see the method in action.


The more unrealistic, vivid and entertaining the story is, the easier it is to remember.  The good news?  This method embeds itself into longer term memory so, if you do it well, you do not have to worry about forgetting topics in a few weeks when exams start.